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You will find here over a hundred pictures on ladybugs... titles, bars, bullets, lines, backgrounds, images, clipart, photos, animations, and links... Useful things if the theme of your personal page is that one! Welcome to ladybugs hunters' paradise...

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Tu trouveras ici plus d'une centaine d'images sur les coccinelles... des titres, des images, des animations, des photos, et des liens...Trucs utiles si le thème de ta page personnelle est celui-Bienvenue au "paradis" des chercheurs de coccinelles...

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Ladybugs Poem by: Kaitlin

Ladybug, ladybug you're so sweet,

Ladybug, ladybug your so neat.

Ladybug, ladybug you do no harm,

Ladybug, ladybug can you climb my arm?

Ladybug, ladybug I like your spots,

Ladybug, ladybug may I please call them dots?

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Ladybug Crafts donated by Steve

It's a ladybug racer.

You need:

several crate eggcartons ( paper kind)

several large gumballs/or marbles/rubber super balls.

sticker dots/black markers

poster paint - red/black

pre-cut wings

pre-cut pipe cleaners


small pompoms/googly eyes

This is a craft I am doing with seven - four year olds at my daughters

bithday party. I got this idea from a book "the Best Birthday Parties

Ever!, A Kids Do-It-Yourself Guide" by Kathy Ross.


1.separate the egg cartons, paint the carton red.

2.poke two pipe cleaners through the top.

3.glue the wings on the side

4.stick the black dots on for spots

5.glue the gooley eye to the top just in front of the pipcleaners

6.put the gumball under the egg carton and race againt a friend.

To race get a large flat surface that you can raise one end of. Mark

the start and finish line and on the count of three raise the surface

and see whose racer finishes first. All are winners because they get

the gumball for a prize.

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by Leslieanimated email logo papa14.gif 8 juin 1998
- updated June 17,  2000 -

Liens: little ladybug lady1.gif Links:


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Ladybugs! by Ashley Anthony

Pour identifier une coccinelle

little ladybug lady1.gif

To identify a ladybug...

Quelle sorte de coccinelle est-ce?

little ladybug lady1.gif

What kind of ladybug is it?

La Femme aux coccinelles

little ladybug lady1.gif

The Ladybug Lady (field trip that comes to your school)

La Boutique Coccinelle

little ladybug lady1.gif

The Ladybug Boutique

Liens variés

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Assorted links

Photos des différentes coccinelles

little ladybug lady1.gif

Photos of different ladybugs

Des coccinelles plein la main!

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A handful of ladybugs!

Un potpourri de coccinelles (poèmes,chansons, blagues)

little ladybug lady1.gif

A potpourri of ladybugs (poems,songs, jokes)

Projet pour enfants

little ladybug lady1.gif Craft project for children

Comment dire "coccinelle" en...?

little ladybug lady1.gif

How to say "ladybug" in any language

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